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About Simon

Simon knows luxury. He lives and breathes it. As a seasoned brand ambassador, he has worked with some of the world’s most storied and compelling brands, bringing them to life through unparalleled experiences.


A Brit by birth and Californian in spirit, Simon grew up in the north of England and spent his early career managing his family’s hotels. Surrounded by people wanting to escape the ordinary, he developed a deep understanding of high-end travel and exceptional customer experience. After moving to the US in 2002, his experience led him to the St Regis hotel group where he honed his understanding of service excellence.


Ever the car fan, he was able to combine his personal passion with his career when he migrated into the world of luxury automotive, working with brands like Gunther Werks, Czinger and Superformance to name a few. With an extensive network of high net worth connections across multiple industries, Simon became a natural connector for those looking for the bespoke and finer things in life – everything from powerboats to custom vehicles to jetpacks.


An experienced entrepreneur himself, Simon understands the value of luxury. “It’s a way of rewarding yourself for pushing your own boundaries to succeed. Whether it’s a five-star vacation or a one-of-a-kind vehicle commission, sourcing the elusive and the rarefied is the most satisfying of challenges for me personally.”


Outside his work on brand partnerships, Simon is driven by a desire to give back to philanthropic causes, most notably with the Elephant Cooperation that aims to raise awareness of the African elephant crisis through protection initiatives, fundraising and community support. 

Simon appreciates the finer things in life and spends his time traveling the world establishing new business connections, exploring exotic locations and expanding his influence with the business world.

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